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An overview of the development of solderless waterproof cable connectors

Posted: 2023-10-19 Hits: 7 views

Solderless waterproof cable connectors are a type of connector that can be used to connect electrical wires without the need for welding or other mechanical connection processes in wet environments.

They are typically made of plastic or metal and have a sealing device that prevents water and other liquids or gases from entering the connection point.

Solderless waterproof connectors are widely used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Industrial: Used in industrial equipment, robots, etc.
  • Medical: Used in medical devices, etc.
  • Construction: Used in building lighting, smart homes, etc.

In the early days, the problem of connecting wires in outdoor environments was mainly solved by using a waterproof box and terminal block. This solution was bulky, complex to install, and difficult to use.

IP65 Waterproof Junction Box

Out of production










With the advancement of market technology and materials in recent years, solderless waterproof connectors have become smaller, easier to use, and can provide better waterproof performance.

1st Generation:


It uses cable glands to achieve outdoor waterproofing and screw crimp terminal blocks to eliminate the need for welding. It is simple to use and saves labor costs.

2nd Generation:

LWC-18: Waterproof Cable Connector


Mini IP68 Waterproof Inline Cable Connector











It is smaller and has fewer components. The screw terminal block is molded in the middle, and the wires are directly connected at both ends, which is more convenient and easier to use.

3rd Generation:

LWC-43 Screwless IP68 Waterproof Cable Connector


It uses lever lock terminal blocks to make the connection process easier and achieve tool-free installation, which further reduces installation costs.

Solderless waterproof cable connectors have the following advantages:

  • Easy to install: Solderless connectors do not require welding or other mechanical connection processes, so they can be installed quickly and easily.
  • High waterproof performance: The cable glands at both ends, together with the waterproof gasket, can prevent water and other liquids or gases from entering the connection point.
  • High reliability: After waterproofing and related certification, it has high reliability and can meet various application requirements.

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