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How to Choose the Right Connector for LED Strip

Posted: 2012-04-28 Hits: 63 views

When you are browsing our site or going to get the some connectors for your LED Strip from some suppliers, you will see some dates as “8mm, 10mm, 12mm”, and “for RGB Strip”, “ for Signal Color”, It seems like so many questions you need to know.
But don’t worry, here is simple guide to let you know which is the right one you should get.

1. 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
These three date is for the width of PCB Board for the LED strip. And we have three different size of connector for them. As below,

2. RGB Strip Or Signal Color
You can find that RGB Strip has four Contacts on the PCB Board ( 12V, G,R,B), and the signal Color strip just have two contacts (+,-).

So here is the Chart

For Signal Strip
For RGB Strip

When you want to get the connector (or cable),

First, Let the seller know which type of your LED Strip is? (RGB or Signal Color).

Second, Tell them the width of the LED strip.

Then, you will get the right connector definitely.

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