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How to Choose the right Waterproof Connector?

Posted: 2011-12-22 Hits: 46 views

Here is a guide to choose the right waterproof connector for your reference.

1. IP67&IP68.

Our waterproof connector are rated as IP67 or IP68, which is the waterproof degree.

For more details for IP rating, please refer to: The IP Rating Of the Waterproof cable and connectors

2. Max Current

It is important to know the Max current your cable may run, as you know, higher current, better materials. To meet our client's needs, we have the connector with 5A, 10A, 15A, or even 30A.

3. Cable OD.

Our waterproof connector can support the OD of the cable from 5mm to 11mm. To make sure the connectors work well, we have two size of Rubber Gasket for the clients. One is for 5-9mm, and the other is for 6-11mm.

To make sure you get the right products, we will confirm it with you even if you don't ask us about these questions.

For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team. We will be glad for help.

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