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New Design LED Strip Connector, Say No to Soldering

Posted: 2012-05-11 Hits: 50 views

In a LED lighting project, it seems like that cutting, connecting and soldering are inevitable. And for soldering, you need special tools, it takes time too.

To solve this problem, we provided the solderless LED strip connector for our clients years ago.

This connector will make the users easily connect the flexible strip lights without any hard work.

And according to the feedback from our clients, we have improved the design, Now, we are glad to introduce our New solderless connector,

With this Snap&click Solderless LED Strip connector, you can easily connect 2 sections LED Strip together. Just click open the 2 flaps, more reliable than the first generation design.

Installation is easy in just 4 quick steps:

1. Open the Snap of the connector on cover
2. Peel the double sided tape of the LED strip
3. Insert firmly the LED strip.
4. Close the click on cover firmly.

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