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Should I concern which type of connector for the 5050 or 3528 LED Strip?

Posted: 2012-05-04 Hits: 55 views

After you get the LED strip, to set up your LED lighting, you still need to get the right connectors and cables. As we know, 3528 LED strip and 5050 LED strip are the most popular ones. So do you have the connectors or cable for our 3528 LED strip or 5050 LED strip? It is the most common question the customer ask.

In fact, we don't classify the connectors or the cables in that way. 3528 or 5050 is the dimension of the chip on the LED strip, as below,

And our LED strip connector is for connecting the SMD Board, as below

So the questions you need to concern is what the width of the SMD board? RGB Type or Signal Color Type?

It will make sure you get the right products then.

Or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales team. We will be glad to be of help.

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