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Tips and Operating Instructions For DIY LED Strip

Posted: 2012-02-19 Hits: 68 views

Here are some tips and operating guide when you are doing the DIY LED lighting work.

1. Using a low wattage soldering iron and electronic grade solder,attach you leads with solder to the Positive (+) and Negative (‐) copper solder dots on your next piece.
2. Using a 1 inch section of ¼” heat shrink tube over the ends of your leads.   A second section of ½” heat shrink should then be applied over the remaining exposed leads/connection; finishing the waterproofing process. It will reinforce and secure the soldered leads and LED Flexible Ribbon connection.

3. Shrinking the heat shrink mostly around your lead ends. Over‐heating will bend the end of yourLED tape and could ruin your connection.

4. Do not exceed six 5‐Meter spools total length (30M – Single/Static color).   

5. Make sure the surface you apply the 3M™ tape to is smooth, clean and dry.   Remove tapebacking and apply your LED Ribbon tape to the surface pressing along the entire surface.  

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