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Various Choices of Waterproof T Connection For Outdoor LED Lighting

Posted: 2015-06-15 Hits: 51 views

As several years of developing, LeDe Electronic can provide various choices of Waterproof T Connection solution for the client’s outdoor LED lighting project’s needs.

T Type Waterproof Connector.

Model NoWaterproof T Type Connector - LWC-14New-Waterproof-T-Type-Connector- LWC-19waterproof T connector-LWC-23
Contracts Available3 Poles, 5 Poles2 Poles, 3 Poles, 4 Poles2 Poles, 3 Poles, 4 Poles
Contracts AvailableScrew TypeScrew TypeScrew Type
Rated Electrical250V/15A250V/15A250V/15A
For Cable OD5-14mm5-12mm5-12mm
Difference1.The original item of Waterproof T Connector.
2.Very reliable.
1.The upgrade version of Model A, which improve some details of the original design, and the production procedure.
2.The cost is a little lower than Model A.
3.The dimension is smaller than Model A.
1.New design of T Connection.
2.Very easy for use.

T Type Waterproof Cable.

Model NoT-Connection-smallT-Connection-middleT-Connection-big
Contracts Available2 Poles, 3 Poles, 4 Poles2 Poles, 3 Poles2 Poles, 3 Poles, 4 Poles, 5 Poles, 6 Poles, 8 Poles
Connection TypeOvermolded with CableSocket on the CableOvermolded with Cable
Rated Electrical250V/5A250V/6A250V/10A
Wire Gauge24AWG ~ 20AWG22AWG ~18AWG24AWG ~ 16AWG
Difference1.The smallest dimension of T Connection.
2.Great Choices for small light, such as LED Strip Light etc.
1.The T Connection have the socket.
2.Can be plug directly.
3.Only have 2 Poles and 3 Poles.
1.Especially design for high current LED Light.
2.Can be overmolded with 2 Poles ~ 8 Poles waterproof Connector.

If you need any T Connection for your LED Lighting Projects, please feel free to contact our sales team, we do have the ability to provide the solution for you.

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