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Why we should use LED Strip Lights?

Posted: 2012-03-26 Hits: 63 views

Energy saving is the big issue in 21 century,and we know Lighting is one of the largest energy drains in your building. LED lighting,A low-power, high-efficiency technology created with non-toxic materials,are the next generation of lighting,

LED strip lights are small LEDs that are actually installed onto a “strip”. The bulbs are spaced evenly so that the light produced is both even and continuous. You can use just one strip or you can join strips together to create continuous lines.

However, be aware that once you reach a certain length, you will have no choice but to have joins. There are actually two types of LED strip lights – ones that are on a thin piece of tape (3mm thick), and ones that are in a housing, so that they need to installed into a rebate underneath the cabinet or bench or by using mounting brackets.

LED strip lights are known for being an excellent choice for the kitchen as they are capable of creating both functional and beautiful light. As well, they are also incredibly environmentally friendly as they use such little energy and give off very little heat. They are also moisture and impact resistant so they are ideal for use in the kitchen.

Once the LED strip lights are installed, very little is required in the way of maintenance as the bulbs last for many thousands of hours – 40,000 hours or more in many cases. Because the bulbs are so long lasting, the strip lighting will easily last for the life of your kitchen. In fact, you’ll probably want to renovate long before the LED lights die!

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