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LWC-15: Mini IP67 Waterproof Cable Connector

LWC-15: Mini IP67 Waterproof Cable Connector


Mini IP67 Waterproof Cable Connector
Sample is available, small order accept.

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IP67 Waterproof Cable Connector.
Smaller size with budget price.
Suitable for domestic & industrial outdoor applications.

Shell: PA
Conductor: Copper Alloy
Connection Type: Soldering
Number of Contacts: 2 Pin, 3 Pin, 4 Pin, 5 Pin,6 Pin, All are available.
IP Rating: IP67 
Cable Diameter: 4 – 8.5mm

Number Of Contracts23456
Rated Voltage250V250V125V125V60V
Rated Current10A/5A10A/5A5A5A5A
Cable Diameter4-8.5mm
Connection TypeSoldering
IP RatingIP67

5 messages

  1. Mark Rishworth
    2015/05/29 at 13:44:29

    Dear Sirs,

    Please could you e-mail me the drawings/ details for your part LWC-15.

    We are looking for quote on small quantities and also on 3000 pcs. Need both the male and female.

    If possible, could you send 2 sets samples.?

    Please see our website for details of our company.


    Mark Rishworth

    • admin
      2015/05/29 at 15:44:15

      Dear Mark,

      Many thanks for your inquiry.

      Our sales have contacted you by Email, kindly check it.

      Looking forward to working with you.

      Best regards.

      LeDe Electronic

  2. Isidro Casamitjana
    2014/10/23 at 21:30:52

    Dear Dirs.

    We are a distributor of different manufacturer of Eurepean connector very well introduced in the Led Market, now we have two projects that will need

    1) DC plug and jack connector IP65 minimum with dust cover for the plug and IP65 when are mated

    2) a male and female as well IP for 2,3,4and 5 poles IP65 min. if is possible with crimp contacts

    I can't see the LWC-16 how many contacts has

    First of all we will appreciat if you can send a PDF with all details and after that I wiil ask you a quote for the MOQ and samples, of your proposal

    Thank you very much in advance

    Best regards

  3. Rainer
    2014/04/30 at 21:05:36

    Hello. Can I get a price for

    lwc15: 3 pins  -100 pc

    the cheapest from the group :3pin (lwc16, lwc03. lwc01, lwc05, lwc06 )- 100pc

    • admin
      2014/05/01 at 09:04:10

      Dear Rainer,

      Many thanks for your inquiry.

      Our sales have sent the offer to you by email, Kindly check it.

      Looking forward to working with you.

      Best regards.

      LeDe Electronic.

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