High Quality,Free Sample,Small Order Accept,Fast Lead Time

Why Choose Us

Shenzhen LeDe Electronic Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of LED lighting accessories, With a well-equipped factory and years of experience in this field, we can provide our clients with the best service and quality products at the most competitive price.

We have served LED lighting manufacturers, Lighting project contractors, LED light wholesalers & resellers worldwide for years.

In today’s global market, finding a reliable supplier who can deliver high-quality products on time is crucial to the success of any business. LeDe Electronic, founded in 2011, has over 10 years of experience producing cables and exporting them to Europe and the United States. Our expertise in the market’s standards and requirements, combined with our professional sales team, make us the go-to supplier for businesses looking for a reliable partner.

Our professional technician team is skilled in using CAD, SolidWorks, and other design software to create custom cable designs tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our export team is highly professional and knowledgeable about the complex procedures involved in shipping products internationally.

The production process is supported by our CRM and ERP systems, which enable us to manage production, record orders, and control the production process efficiently, and making it easy to retrieve past orders and specifications when needed.

custom waterproof cable designs

For LED light wholesaler & reseller

Full Price lists with best discount.

We will provide some discount to support our partner, which as wholesaler & reseller. Our partner will have the exclusive right in the region.

Small Pack, Print Sticker with Logo

We can provide samll pack for the wholesaler & reseller, such as 10pcs per package, 20pcs or 50pcs. (Our regular packgae is 100PCS usually).
And we can print the sticker with clients’ logo, barcode etc too.

Provide product image if needs.

We can provide the photo of the products, or edit it by photoshop for the client, so you can easily upload to your online shop.

Samll order accepted.

We totally understand that some clients need to make the stock level low, so we can take samll order.

Promised lead time, fast delivery. (Door to Door service)

We will keep our promise for the lead time, and our stable worker and stick production management will make sure the order can be finished on time.
And we have working with the forwarder for years, which can provide the Express service (Door to Door), or sea transportation service.

For Lighting project contractor

Provide the drawing(data sheet) according to your sketch, or hand drawn.

Our technician will make the drawing for you even if it is just an idea, and we will make your sketch or hand drawn be perfect, that will be helpful for you to confirm the details with your clietns.

Free sample available. 

We understand that most of the project need the sample for testing, and we can arrange the sampling according to your needs. To make sure you have the real item to show your client.

Fast production time if need.

If the project is very urgent, we can work it as priority, we will coordinate with your to make the work done well.

LED lighting manufacturer

Small order accepted.

The small trial order from light manufacturer are welcome.

Stable lead time.

manufacturer’s order will be arranged as regular production schedule, that will let you have the stable lead time.